How to come in ? how we meet ? what about tickets ? Payments ?
Here we answer..!


A few clues about distances and time :

Petra to Rum : 110 km, one hour and half car (or bus) ride.
Aqaba to Rum : 70 km,  one hour ride.
Amman or Madaba to Rum : 320 km, 4 hour  ride

Coming by rent-a-car :

After having turned East at the Wadi Rum crossroad (U-turn if coming from North), you go on for 18 km, until a small cross with a police station on the right.

You go on straight ahead to Rum (the left way going to Diseh), and, after 4 km, make a stop at the Visitor Center to buy the tickets (not included in our prices).

Another 6 km ahead, and you enter Rum village : there is a parking on your right, just before the Reshouse.

You can park there, and leave your car safely with luggage inside (better inside the trunk), for it’s guarded by police. We will meet you there with our car, to take you first to our home, then to desert.

Coming by taxi :

Prices :
Petra to Rum : 30 to 35 JD (according to season)
Aqaba to Rum : 20 JD (or 25 from the South Beaches).
Amman or Madaba or Amman Airport to Rum : 80 JD

Let us send you one ! The driver will bring you directly to our home, after stopping at Visitor Center for tickets of course, without any confusion (mosts drivers have arrangements with locals here..!), and you will pay no more than the minimum fare.

We can also send you a taxi from any other place in Jordan !

Coming by bus :

A daily early morning bus leaves Petra at 6h30 am, arriving around 8 at the Visitor Center, where we will come to meet you.
The price is 7 JD.


By taxi :

The easiest way if you don’t have a car with you, no need to hurry to catch  morning buses, very early, and no other choice in afternoon anyway !

We can call a taxi for you whenever you want.
Prices to Petra, Aqaba, Amman, Madaba or Amman Airport above.

By bus :

There is no bus in the afternoon leaving Rum.
There is no bus from Rum to Amman or airport Amman.

The only bus to Petra leaves at 8h30 morning, and the bus to Aqaba leaves earlier, at 6h30 am.
Not very nice since you need to wake up around 5h15, not so cool for the guide also..
Price difference with taxi being 10 JD only !

Prices are 7 JD to Petra, and 5 JD to Aqaba.

Another bus goes also to Aqaba around mid-day, but only on school days (it brings back the teachers to Aqaba)

To go to Amman by bus, you’ll have to go down to Aqaba first, to take from there a bus to Amman.
Another way if you’re not in a hurry is to reach the highway (a ride from Rum costs between 5 to 10 JD, sometime free if you’re lucky !), the to try to stop one bus coming from Aqaba : it may go until Amman, or only to Ma’an (1 hour), from where buses to Amman are frequent before sunset.
Hitchhiking is also a possibility, and from the nearby gas station, it’s even easier.
(Advice : avoid big trucks and trailors !)

By the way, about your trip in Jordan :

We can offer rental cars (through one of the very best agencies), or cars with english speaking drivers, both competent and friendly,with very reasonable prices.
And, to keep away from Booking and others :
Hotels (nice and well located), wonderful treks and other stuff out of tracks, don’t hesitate to ask !


We are really sorry for that, but here is a land still quite old fashion, and we are Beduins : we own goats and camels, but no kind of credit card machine !

The closest bank being in Aqaba, changing money is not that simple to us.

So we kindly ask you to bring with you the necessary amount of cash in Jordanian dinars, because this is the way we use here.

If you’ve got US dollars, we can accept them at the rate of 0,70 JD for one US dollar.

(The exchange rate being fixed between the US dollar and the Jordanian dinar)

Be also aware that, for the same reason (no bank around), there is no ATM here, in the Visitor Center or in Rum village (or any place between Petra and Aqaba), and thus no way to withdraw cash money with a credit card.