After a long day exploring the desert, join us for camping in the beautiful Wadi Rum desert. You will have the opportunity to eat delicious Bedouin food cooked on a campfire right in front of you. To end the day on a high, lie in your bed and admire the most beautiful starry sky you’ve ever seen. We are against the concrete camps that have taken over Wadi Rum. In fact, it harms the flora and fauna of the desert and pollutes the environment (toilets, garbage, air, etc.).That’s why we offer camping. A bivouac is a basic, light, temporary camp where you spend the night in the desert under the stars (in winter you sleep in a tent). You can choose between all-inclusive options to visit Wadi Rum with us: a drive and a hike. Our package includes 3 meals a day, camping equipment, and 1-2 guides depending on the selected area.